Software & Technology

I've worked in technology for over twenty years with experience ranging from iPhone apps to customized databases.

Languages & Systems
Mathematica, C, C++, PASCAL
HTML, SQL, Drupal
Fourth Dimension, Php, Javascript, AJAX, Boxer

President, 2015 - Present
GloveBoxShop, meeting the ergonomic needs of the Glovebox Industry.

Mathematica Library, 2014
Developed a series of Mathematica demonstrations for the benefit of high school and college students to understand difficult questions in an interactive format.

History of the World Cup, built in Mathematica, 2014

Soccer Near Me
Developed iPhone app - Soccer Near Me, 2010
Allows users to locate venues to watch soccer and to locate fans from different countries.

Security Force for Facebook
Developed A Facebook App which runs Security Force (see below) over the Internet, 2008
Unattended laptop computers are protected against theft by Security Force. If stolen off the net, the owner receives a text message instantly alerting him or her to the theft.

Boxer, Fractal Programming
Pacific Northwest College of Art, 2004
Using Boxer software, taught students how to create fractals.

Director of Technology, Crystal Springs School, Urban School of San Francisco 1993 – 1999
• Managed entire campus-wide network with hundreds of devices, routers, switches, and peripherals.
• Designed and developed entire web-site.
• Selected and installed all software systems.
• Managed technical support.
• Supervised volunteers and employees.

President and Chief Software Architect, Globus Systems, 1987 – 1993
• Provided consulting for customized database solutions to corporations such as Apple Computer & Cisco Systems.
• Responsible for project management from proposal writing to customer satisfaction and assessment.
• Supervised employees. Coordinated and managed numerous simultaneous projects.
• Chief architect of all software projects.
• Developed Security Force in C, PASCAL, & Assembly Language.
Security Force protected computers from theft by "buddying" machines to watch one another.
System featured dynamic configuration and error checking.